Hong Kong at World Expo 2010

Hong Kong Pavilion

Where to find us at Expo

Located near Nanhuan Road in Expo Zone A in Pudong, the Hong Kong Pavilion will be built on a stand-alone site and occupy an ideal location close to the China Pavilion and adjacent to the Macau Pavilion. It has an exhibition area of about 800 square metres.


To tie in with the theme of the World Exposition 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) and to highlight Hong Kong's quality city life and our leading position as a creative capital, Hong Kong has adopted the theme of "Hong Kong - Potential Unlimited". The Hong Kong Pavilion will showcase the city's unique connectivity with the Mainland and the world, in terms of both hardware and software.

The Pavilion will highlight Hong Kong's achievements in sustainable urbanisation and illustrate the infinite potential for enhancing city life in a place with limited land resources.

Six elements will be highlighted:

  • Excellent infrastructure and connectivity with the Mainland and the world
  • Well-connected and highly efficient domestic transportation network and services
  • Advanced and seamless information technology and telecommunication infrastructure
  • Free flow of money, goods and information serving the Mainland and the world
  • Cultural diversity, harmony and creativity - to showcase Hong Kong as a metropolis and a creative capital
  • Sustainable quality city life - to show how to strike a balance among the various aspects of economic development, heritage conservation, urban renewal, environmental protection and whole-person education so as to raise the quality of life.


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