Hong Kong at World Expo 2010

UBPA Exhibition


Hong Kong's Urban Best Practices Area Exhibition - Innovative and Interactive

Shanghai Expo 2010 will include a new concept - the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) - that will underscore the Expo theme of 'Better City, Better Life'.

UBPA exhibits have been chosen on a competitive basis, with applications screened by a committee that included members from United Nations agencies, international organisations and Mainland authorities.

Of 106 applications, 55 were approved for the UBPA Area, including Hong Kong's proposal to highlight the extensive use of smart card technology in the city. Here we will highlight ways this technology has improved efficiency in everyday city life and enhanced our connectivity both within Hong Kong and further afield.

On October 20, 2008, Hong Kong signed an agreement with the Shanghai Expo Bureau confirming participation in the UBPA exhibition. Hong Kong was allocated an area of 530 square metres at the exhibition, which is located at Expo Zone E in Puxi. The site was handed over to Hong Kong on November 20, 2009. All works, including the interior fitting and installation of exhibits is due to finished by March 2010.

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